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A Growing Investment

Trees play a huge role in our existence in several different ways. They can keep whole communities cool when the mercury levels rise, and they can also reduce erosion and flooding in different environments. They can also be pleasing visual boundaries between properties and used to screen undesirable areas; but the biggest reason we could not survive without them is their ability to produce oxygen.

In communities, large and small, trees provide a great deal of cooling. Have you ever driven down a street lined with trees on both sides with canopies entangled over the street? Even on the hottest, driest days in Southern California, the front yards of these streets and even the homes are much cooler then streets without trees.

Trees can probably be used as the most important tool in landscaping today and the most under-budgeted line item. If the tree selection is accurate and appropriate for the conditions and goals of the area, it can make all the difference. To help set goals and implement them, people must rely on professionals in this field – Arborists. Arborists are responsible for making sure the right trees are in the right places so that communities will be healthy and vigorous long after we are gone.

When hiring a tree company to maintain your trees, make sure they have a certified arborist with whom you can communicated and are comfortable with, one who understands your goals and can offer valuable advice. Don’t cut corners on your tree maintenance because is will cost you in the long run.

“Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good”

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