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Planting Climate Zones: SoCal

Whether you’re just curious to know what plants can live in your neck of the woods or if your vegetable garden will thrive, your climate zone is a crucial piece of the puzzle that can lead to successful planting. The plant climate zone map is an invaluable resource that you might want to check before you start purchasing plats of digging up holes in your garden.

Most garden books, catalogs and seed packets refer to plan hardiness zones, climate zones or growing zones. Temperature hardiness climate zones are based on normally expected high and low temperatures and serve as guides to help you know which plants will grow where you live.

Temperate is not the only factor in figuring out whether a plant will survive in your garden. Soil types, rainfall, day length and wind are just a few environmental factors that can influence your home of businesses landscape. Even within a city, where plants may be protected by walls, there may be microclimates that affect how your plants grow. The zones are only a guide and good starting point – you will still need to determine for yourself what will and wont work in your own garden or association.

Out of the 24 climate zones defined in the, Southern Western Garden Book, California has 16 to 20.

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