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How to Add Curb Appeal


By CLS Landscape Management, Inc.

Maximizing your yard’s attributes is not only pleasing for everyone, but also helps your curb appeal and property values.  A quick makeover doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.   

Dress up your porch

- Improving the appeal of your porch area instantly upgrades your entire look.  Consider changing the color of the door (with HOA approval if needed).  Add some lighting or highlights.  Adding furniture, pillows or wall hangings will easily make your appeal pop.  A bench provides a place for a gathering of shrubs or flowers. 

-Adding landscaping color improves any area and catches the eye.  Container gardens add a welcoming feel and curb appeal quickly and affordably.  You can buy ready-made containers at most garden centers or create your own. 

-You can make a grand entry on a small budget and draw attention to your front door.  Molding acts like an architectural eyeliner and a few small things make big impacts. 

 Renew planter beds

-Get your garden beds into shape by pruning old growth, pulling weeds and planting flowers.  Don’t forget to add a fresh layer of mulch.  Consider upgrading your border to stone or decorative edging for more appeal. 

-Add contrast and color to your home with new or improved planting beds.  Prime spots for curb appeal are the front corners of the yard or along driveways and walkways.  Mix colors, sizes and textures of your plant material for impact and contrast. 

 Keep it low maintenance

-Just as a great looking, well manicured yard adds to your curb appeal, forgotten landscape in need of attention detracts from your home.  Keep it low maintenance and easy.  If you don’t have time to deadhead flowers, choose shrubs that don’t require a lot of care. 

People enjoy pulling up to their home and having a pleasing and inviting atmosphere. You can discover a new sense of accomplishment and peace with a few simple steps.  

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