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HOA Tree Plan Breakdown

There are many considerations that explain why tree trimming services are so important, including pest control, proper growth enhancement and property protection.

Initially, it is much easier to manage insects and pests by keeping your trees trimmed on a regular basis. For example, bag worms and other invasive worms, build nests and eat the tree foliage, which causes tree colonization. During this process they may kill the tree but will certainly spread disease and begin to weaken the trees immune system. Furthermore, if the infected tree sits close to your home, it may provide an opportunity for insects and pests to enter your home.

The proper care and maintenance of trees enhances their growth, helps to improve their health and protects the tree from potential wind damage. Regular tree-trimming and pruning services, provide several long-term benefits and can lead to a healthier tree structure. If you do not prune your trees as needed, this will eventually weaken them and make it difficult for the trunks to provide the support that is required.

Lastly, the safety of your home and property is a crucial reason to ensure your trees are properly trimmed. The presence of dead, diseased and drying branches poses a huge risk to your home or business. Tree trimming, along with pruning, ensure that your home will be safe from siding damage when high winds are present. Limbs can also cause damage in your homes siding by growing up under the home and pulling the siding away from the structure.

When it comes to maintenance of your trees, the last thing a homeowner wants is the expense involve din dealing with an issue that could have been prevented prior. With continued pruning and trimming, your property will be enhanced in overall appearance and create good curb appeal that every homeowner wants to achieve.

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