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Palm Tree Safety

California is the quintessential palm tree state, with warm climate, great mountains and beaches. It has been associated with palm trees for years, lining the city streets, parks and many homes.

While many tree companies have proper equipment and trained employees, the issue arises that many do not, and this creates a dangerous situation for the employees and others around them. The issue arises when there is several years of fronds, interlocked and suspend or held by a few attached fronds.

Tree workers typically begin their work from the bottom up, with the use of spikes and a belt lanyard to secure themselves as they work. As they get closer to eh danger zone, they may cut the fronds holding many dead ones, which creates a situation for disaster.

The proper protocol for palm trimming is to start from the top of the palm and work your way down as this is easier and safer for the tree worker. Ensure your tree professionals use this technique and are licensed and insured.

Make your palm tree safe and attractive by having a professional tree care company perform your tree work. Properly care for your palms and remember they are an asset to your property.

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