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Surviving the Drought

Everyone knows by now the Governor has mandated a 25 percent water reduction. Most of us are taking steps to reduce water by installing smart irrigation clocks, removing turf and making our irrigation systems more efficient.

The difficulty with the water reduction is navigating the fast-changing restrictions that are being imposed by city and water agency. Numerous cities adopted mandatory watering days limited to two days per week. With the upcoming summer months, this can be devastating to not only the landscape, but to mature trees as well.

Here are some tips to help survive the drought:

Make sure you are conserving the amount request. Monitor your water bills and assure you are complying. Fines can be imposed for failure to comply.

Continue to conserve water by looking for new ways to cut back water. Water saving nozzles (free from the state) can help you and your family conserve water and save money. Additionally, drip irrigation and aerating your lawn can help you save money as well.

Monitor your city Website to get the latest news. Please forward any instructions in writing to CLS Landscape Management, Inc. in regard to your cities water restrictions.

Keep a close eye on your landscape and trees. Mature trees that have been used to receiving regular water can become stressed and be more susceptible to pests and disease. This can lead to failure and property damage or injury.

Meet with your landscaper and ask them what else you can do. We have found there are some other opportunities available. If properly watered, most landscape can survive on less water.

Minimize your turf areas. It is time to get serious about this. Planning and budgeting should be carefully considered because if we are not spending money on the high cost of water, we will be spending it on renovations and drought tolerant plant material.

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