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Tips to Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last

Nothing is more depressing than wilting or dying flowers. Don’t give up hope because there are some simple ways to make them last longer. You should be able to expect cut flowers to last seven days in your home:

1. Keep the water level in place, always in a clean vase.

2. Cut the garden flowers when it is cool or early in the morning.

3. The ideal temperature for flowers is 40-50 degrees. Store your flowers in the fridge overnight.

4. Remove all the leaves from the part of the stem that is submerged under water.

5. Cut flowers last longer if the stems are prepared correctly. Cut ½ inch off the end at a 45-degree angle. If the stems are woody you can crush the bottom of the stem with a mallet for more absorption.

6. Change the water and mist the flowers with water every day.

7. Use flower food or even a teaspoon of sugar to help renew the flowers.

8. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight.

9. Remove dying flowers immediately. Dying flowers emit ethylene gas that will cause the healthy flowers to wilt!

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