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Why Hire an Arborist?

There are many fables located around what an arborist is – but simply it is people who specialize in working with trees. There are arborists who specialize in specific species of trees or even in different pests; however, each one’s education level can vary.

Throughout the US, numerous arborist obtains specialized degrees from prestigious Universities and other obtain their skills from the ‘field’ as working arborist. Regardless of education, each individual must pass the same written test and continue their education bi-annually with a certain amount of CEU’s or continuing education units. Classes vary in topics from safety, to pests and diseases to create well-rounded arborists that act as a defense system against serious disorders.

Much of the public is unaware of the serious problems that some Southern Californian trees are facing. Avocado trees, citrus trees and Canary Island date palms are just a few tree species facing problems with small pests in the area. Without the assistance of arborists, some tree species could be severely damaged or lost all together.

Some of the issues that arborists deal with are won, but some are ongoing struggles. It is important to have trained, knowledgeable professionals maintaining your trees to ensure your trees have a strong, healthy life. 

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