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A Growing Investment

Trees play a huge role in our existence in several different ways. They can keep whole communities cool when the mercury levels rise, and they can also reduce erosion and flooding in different environments. [...]

HOA Tree Plan Breakdown

There are many considerations that explain why tree trimming services are so important, including pest control, proper growth enhancement and property protection.


Planting Climate Zones: SoCal

Whether you’re just curious to know what plants can live in your neck of the woods or if your vegetable garden will thrive, your climate zone is a crucial piece of the puzzle that can lead to successful planting. [...]

Newly Certified Arborist

CLS Landscape has added a third arborist to the staff, Brett Hansen, a quality control manager of 5 years. 

The other two arborist on staff include Rene Espinosa and the owner of CLS, Kevin Davis.