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Aethetics of Hardscape

To better understand how to design for a landscape, the elements that make up the outdoor living areas are referred to as hardscape and softscape. Hardscaping and softscaping are the complete opposites of each other, yet both are necessary to make landscape fully functional. [...]

Local Pest

The presence of disease and pests in Southern California is nothing new, but a few species have made their presence known and are having devastating effect on common native and landscape tree’s.


Tips to Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last

Nothing is more depressing than wilting or dying flowers. Don’t give up hope because there are some simple ways to make them last longer. You should be able to expect cut flowers to last seven days in your home:

1. Keep the water level in place, always in a clean vase.


Drought Tolerant VS Drought Resistant

Most people ask the question, “Is there really a difference in drought tolerant and drought resistant?” The answer is yes, especially in Southern California during this time of water restrictions and drought.